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3 simple steps to your personal Gifbuch!
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Select you clip

Bring your Gifbuch to life with your favorite clip.

It's quite easy. You can send us an URL or just upload your favorite gif. You are out of Gifs but really want a Gifbuch? Don't worry! There are tons of gifs on the internet - we will show you the best sources. And if your are still not happy, just choose a YouTube clip instead.

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Tell us where to you want to have your gifbuch shipped

After we received your payment, production and shipping of your Gifbuch usually takes 7-12 days. However, quite often we are even faster. The Gifbuch is protected by a small bubble bag and fits perfectly into every letterbox.

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Safe Payment

Complete your order with the payment

You got two safe options to pay your order. You can use Paypal or wire the money yourself via bank transfer instead. After succeeding with your payment, we'll start straight away with the production of your Gifbuch. Your Gifbook will be on the way in no time!

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We only print on high quality and clima-neutral paper.

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Each Gifbuch is manufactured with love and care.

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In addition, you receive a nice package, making the Gifbuch the ideal gift!

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And last but not least, your Gifbuch comes from Hamburg.

Frequentlyasked questions

""What size will my Gifbuch have?“"
Each Gifbuch comes in a standardized size.

Jedes Gifbuch ist 9 cm lang und 5 cm breit. Dein Gif hat zu den Rändern hin einen kleinen Abstand. Die Darstellungsfläche für Dein Gif ist optimiert auf das Format 16:9. Gifs mit abweichenden Maßen richten wir für Dich aus.

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"How many pages will my Gifbuch have?"
And there is one number to rule them all.

All flipbooks are 50 pages long. That works perfectly for almost every video or gifs. If your clip is too long you could choose your favorite sequence. And if its to short we will repeat it several times.

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Treat yourself or give pleasure to friends and loved ones

Surprise your friends and family and make them laugh. An original Gifbuch is the perfect gift for any occasion. Order now
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The Gifbuch at a glance
  • The Gifbuch is a flipbook, created from your favorite video or gif
  • Every flip book is exactly 50 pages long
  • It is 9 cm long and 5 cm wide
  • Furthermore, it is handcrafted and produced clima-neutral
  • It also comes with a high-quality package

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The story of the Gifbuch Flipbooks and animated gifs have shared history. All of us have used a flipbook at some point. However, where do those funny and entertaining moving images actually come from? The exact origin of the flipbook cannot be traced back to a specific point in time. Nonetheless, during the initial phase of film history, many experiments were conducted, using cartoon illustrations. Over the years, the buzz over flipbooks decreased. Until 2004, when the first international flipbook festival was established. The gif had a similar fate. Invented in 1987 as a graphic format, it was almost dead before receiving wide recognition again from 2010 onward due to the revival to the internet meme movement, which was strongly pushed by channels like 4chan and tumblr. In 2012, the gif celebrated its 25th birthday and “gif” was chosen to be word of the year. Flipbooks as well as animated gifs tell short an pointed stories. That is why they are made for each other. The Gifbuch is an experiment: Gifs should receive the same popularity in our real world as they already do on the internet.